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stone accessories so unique?

~All living things in the world hold the intention of the Universe~
The SWAMI research crew has conducted many studies on the stones and their characteristics. Stones and minerals have the ability to hold memories and vibrations. Different vibrations give the stones different powers. To fully utilize the power of the stones beneficially, it is essential that they are not polluted with negative memories or vibrations.
Thus, the process of purification is considered a most crucial step in creating the SWAMI accessories. In order to provide the highest level of purification, as well as to infuse the stones with positive vibrations, SWAMI turned to methods based in esoteric Buddhism, particularly those of the Shingon sect.
Shingon is founded on the essence of "the truths of the Universe", its purpose to use the wisdom of these truths to help manifest happiness for all (human) beings. In Shingon Buddhism, there are many highly developed and specialized methods a such as the fire ritual called Goma. However, these rituals can only be carried out properly and effectively by certain monks who have attained the status of 'Ajari'. This status can only be attained by completing vigorous and treacherous trainings and spiritual quests that are often described as "superhuman quests of wandering between life and death".
Each power stone used in SWAMI accessories receive the incantations and prayers of the Goma fire ritual, purified and impregnated with positive Ki (spiritual energy or life energy; called Chi in Chinese) to attract happiness.