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The SWAMI Bliss Bracelet travels with you through your life, supporting the direction of your conscious mind and serving as your Omamori, or protector.
It is inevitable that the materials making up the accessory will be affected by the various environments it encounters on this journey, from physical changes such as abrasion to the less visible changes that occur on the atomic level.
Breakage or damage may occur as a result of protecting the wearer from negative energy, or as a sign to signal that the wearer's wish has been fulfilled on a conscious level.

In these cases, please consider this as a sign that your Bliss Bracelet has faithfully served its purpose.
- To avoid accidents or damage, please do not wear while doing physical labor or exercise.
- Although the accessories are made of water-resistant materials, in order to enjoy your Bliss Bracelet for as long as possible, please keep away from very wet environments.
- These accessories are carefully crafted from the highest quality materials. However, a replacement will be offered if it is determined that breakage or damage occurred as a result of defects in workmanship and/or materials.
-SWAMI does not accept responsibility for any damage resulting from other causes, including those listed below:
- Undue pressure is applied to the accessory/materials; the accessory has come into contact with sharp objects, chemicals, fire or very hot objects; the accessory was taken apart or altered in any way; and damage resulting from normal use.